Once entries have closed, it takes several weeks to complete the scheduling for each section. We will notify competitors / teachers as soon as scheduling has been completed to be able to arrange accompanists and any necessary time off to attend the competition sections.

  • If you will be bringing an accompanist, please let us know so that we can give you relevant timings for them to arrive.
  • Please note that we do not give out the order of competitors in advance.

Entrants must arrive for registration as per the schedule.

  • Please remember to bring copies of the sheet music plus the AMCOS forms.

Sessions will begin promptly and the doors will be locked to avoid interruption. 

  • Anyone who has not registered at that time will not be able to compete.

Tickets to attend may be pre-purchased online.

Please note:

  1. Where long sessions have been split into 2 or more parts:
    1. Performers may attend for both parts of their session or only the part that they are performing in. 
    2. We will send an email advising which section each performer will be in
    3. The adjudicator will not give reports or results until the end of the last part.
    4. If remaining for both sections, please bring refreshments for the meal break. Everyone will be required to leave the room during the break and return 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the next part.
  2. Where short sessions have been combined together, students will need to present for the first section and remain until the end of the final one.

2023 Schedule

2023 Timetable