1. Etiquette: All competitors must be present to register during the registration period. Competitors are not allowed to leave and return later to perform for any reason. Competitors are required to remain for the duration of the section. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. Silence must be observed during performances.
  2. Order of Competing: The order in which competitors shall compete will be in order their application forms are received. The organisers will not disclose order of competing before the programme is printed, unless an accompanist is involved. The organising committee will not accept requests to change the order or section unless evidence of a school exam conflicting with the performance time is provided AND it is feasible to adjust the order of part allocation within the confines of the schedule. The final schedule does not allow for any section to be extended. If not present when called up, competitors forfeit their right to compete, save for force majeure. Regular traffic jams do not constitute a force majeure circumstance.    
  3. Time Limits: Time limits must be strictly adhered to, i.e. duration of performance may be less than the set time limit but not more. Failure to observe this regulation could result in disqualification.
  4. Programme Alterations: Competitors must arrive at the time stated on the competitor’s attendance notice and should be prepared to perform from this time. The organisers will adhere as closely as possible to the programme as printed, but serve the right to amend if necessary. The Organising Committee regrets any inconvenience caused by unforeseen delays. 
  5. Admission: Competitors, accompanists and one accompanying adult will be admitted free of charge for the section in which they are competing. There will be a small charge for programme booklets.
  6. Adjudication: On no account may competitors or teachers talk to the adjudicator during the course of a session. Failure to observe this regulation could result in the disqualification of the competitor. The adjudicator’s decision will be final (subject to correct grading) and no correspondence will be entered into.