1. Grading:  It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure the grading of the pieces is correct.  All pieces entered into one section must be of the same grade.
  2. AMEB Grading to Prevail: Submitted pieces/songs do not have to be taken from the AMEB syllabus. However, if the piece is listed in the current AMEB syllabus under a particular grade, that AMEB grade will be taken to be the level for that piece.

    For example, if a piece is listed under Grade 8 Trinity (or any other syllabus) but under Grade 7 AMEB, the piece will be considered to be Grade 7 for the purposes of the competition.
  3. Suite Movements in Sections 9-11: Competitors are only allowed to perform such movements of a multi-movement work that are not listed in a lower grade in the AMEB syllabus.
  4. Disqualification for Incorrect Grading: Should the competitor present an incorrectly graded piece for the section, they will not be eligible for a prize. If entry into the wrong grade is discovered after a prize has been awarded, that prize will be withdrawn.